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6 Habits from Successful Gym Owners that Will Increase Your Profits

We surveyed over 140 gym owners, operators, and managers to gain more insights into their strategies for running a profitable fitness business. Now, we’re sharing these insights to help you grow, develop and nurture your fitness business to drive profitability and member engagement.


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There are specific business habits that profitable gyms are implementing today and you can know what they are to reach similar success. 


ClubWise is your partner in success. So, we teamed up to discover the top business habits for fitness clubs to reach and sustain maximum profitability.


We surveyed over 140 gyms and discovered key insights comparing gyms that were profitable vs. ones that were not.


Here's a sneak peek of some of the data results that helped develop our 6 habits


76% of the profitable gyms we surveyed have a strong social media presence.  


56% of profitable gyms reported spending less than 4% of their budget on marketing


41% of the profitable gyms surveyed have a referral programme in place.


Download your copy of 6 Habits from Successful Gym Owners that Will Increase Your Profits and start implementing profitable business practices that will position your gym above the rest!

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